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Chloe Scott is a bespoke woven textiles designer based in Norfolk, UK. Chloe designs unique home and lifestyle products using processes of hand dying yarn, pattern design and hand weaving to make every piece one of a kind, before carefully being handmade into products.

A bit about me…

Hello, I’m Chloe! The designer, maker, marketing manager, the one woman band behind Chloe Scott Woven Design. I’m based in Norfolk where I have a little studio inside DesignerMaker21 in Diss, a little hive of artists in our studios where you can see us work! (You can also take part in workshops, regular events and exhibitions!) I joined DesignerMakers21 in August 2018 which is where I really began my own weaving journey, although the love for it started much before then!

I studied Textile Design at Norwich University of the Arts where I graduated in 2017. Before deciding on textiles, I was dabbling between choosing photography, which is my second love and has come in super handy now! I knew I wanted to be able to try weaving, I loved the idea of literally starting from yarn and ending up with your own unique fabric at the end of it. That’s still the main reason I love it now! The options are simply endless!

My dream

My own small business is a journey I was never really prepared for. When I left university, I had no intention of beginning my own business. At the time I really wanted to design fabrics for Automotive Interiors and bring something new and colourful inside. Developing new and unique fabrics that could change the interior entirely! I’d still really love to do that and maybe one day it will find its way into my path, who knows!

I brought my own loom several months after finishing university. I hated the idea of not doing something creative anymore and I didn’t want to loose the skills I had learnt. I was working in a part time job in a local craft store (which I still am for the time being) and found myself getting a little lost. After getting my own loom I jumped right in and did ‘New Designers One Year In’ (big design show based in London). It was the biggest learning curve and helped me realise what I wanted to do in terms of my own small business, it certainly shaped the way I moved forward afterwards.

Chloe Scott Handwoven Design 2
Chloe Scott Handwoven Design 6

My inspirations

My inspirations for my fabrics have always come from my surroundings. This is also where my love of photography comes in, I love working from photographs I’ve taken. From close ups of nature to distance shots of architecture. I take the photos and design little motifs which I then build into a pattern to weave. I then start by creating a plain warp (the main part of the fabric which is on the loom!) which I dip dye by hand. I love the fact the colours naturally change for one to another and that every product created with the fabric is completely different! No two pieces are ever the same, which makes them extra special! I love having control over my own colours and then having a surprise as the colours come through from the back to the front of the loom!

I consider use of yarn and materials to include intense bold colour and reflect on the inspiration, while thinking about what is suitable for the final product or design. A lot of the time I’ll use cottons and natural fibres, but I can’t help but add that little bit of shimmer in every so often with viscose and lurex. I’m also now developing a range of lambswool scarfs, with a beautiful hand-dyed warp and completely from wool which Is super soft to touch!

Waste not want not…

Once off the loom I then hand create all the products too! I try and use every last piece of fabric so nothing goes to waste which is why I have such a range of products. Simple small things like cards, pin cushions and key rings are perfect for the odd slithers of fabrics which are simply too small for anything else. And then larger pieces are shown off in cushions, bags and sometimes art pieces! I try my best to source all my additional fabrics and accessories from other uk businesses, not only helping the environment but supporting other small businesses too! Now I sell my products through my studio, online and at local craft markets and events!

Well that’s my little story! I hope you enjoyed reading a little bit of the story behind me business!

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