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Short Description

Glow is a personal styling service for Maternity, Motherhood & Beyond.

Kraft Space was asked to create a timeless brand that appeals to the pregnant lady or new mother looking for effortless touch of glam and style in their appearance during what can be a challenging period in their lives, where perhaps self care is a low priority when looking after a bump or new baby.

The soft pastel colours are inviting and non invasive, combined with a symbolic stork which is instantly recognised as a icon related to 'new baby' as well as the idea of 'bringing something new to you' which is the idea you are bought new stylish clothes tailored to you, to your door.

The main font is a serif font commonly used throughout the fashion magazine industry, so the customer is able to (perhaps subconsciously) relate the brand to it's topic on instant glance. 

The branding also needed to convey a personal customised service as this is what the customer will receive, we were able to attain this with use of a handwritten font for all tag lines and messaging throughout marketing collateral. The use of friendly casual messaging also helps to make the customer feel comfortable, like a friend, as Glow wanted to come across as a brand 'that cares and understands' the challenges that pregnancy and motherhood can have.

Main Features

  • Branding
  • Logo Design
  • Packaging
  • Stationery
  • Social Media


  • Client: Glow