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Samphire Glass

Short Description

Logo design for an glass artist that makes anything from unique jewellery to colourful bowls using fused glass.

Although the name is Samphire, the brief discussed exploring the concept of samphire without necessarily using an actual image of samphire, so we explored concepts that linked to the name, settling on the iconic wave symbol, which links to the sea, where samphire is from.

​We explored different colours and textures in which glass can be seen in. Again the colours were to also represent the sea, with use of blue hues and shading.

After developing the icon we also developed the typography, trying different weighted fonts to achieve the luxurious but affordable image the client was after. We finalised with a serif font, which ultimately, combined with the striking icon gives the contemporary but non-pretentious look we were aiming for.


Main Features

  • Branding
  • Logo Design
  • Packaging


  • Client: Samphire Glass