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Short Description

Vannucchi is a modern, slow fashion jewellery brand. Using a contemporary blend of woods and metals. Handcrafted in the South East of England by Dani. Founded in 2014.

Kraft Space was commissioned to rebrand this beautifully unique jewellery brand. The brief was to create something more bold and striking and to visually represent the geometric nature of the pieces. After exploring different avenues for this with the use of geometric styles and shapes, we finalised on the triangles, which symbolises strength and balance. We created a bold, inspiring icon that reflected the styles of the jewellery. This icon was then taken and used as a repetitive pattern on the packaging and with an icon that could be recognisable stand alone or with the logo text.

The textures also were to represent many of the jewellery pieces colours, with the use of bronzes and golds. The overall image has a subtly natural tone of voice which emphasises the ethical processes and natural materials the maker uses in her work.

Main Features

  • Branding
  • Logo Design
  • Business Card
  • Packaging


  • Client: Vannucchi