Aquamarine Resin Ring

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This ring is filled with metallic gold flakes in transparent resin with a stripe of aquamarine turquoise aqua. You will get a ring as similar to the one in the photos as possible – the beauty of resin is that it’s hard to exactly replicate where a gold flake should fall for example – but your ring will be as close as possible but still totally unique to you.

Choose a ring that matches your unique sense of style. This bold statement ring has just the right combination of bright colors and iridescent shine making it ideal for everything from everyday wear to adding a pop of color to that little black dress.

When you choose an item in my shop, you know you’re getting something made from high-quality materials with the highest of standards. This bold cocktail ring was made with hand poured, hand color mixed, resin. Afterward, it’s polished for a high shine and rounded edges for a light, cozy wear all day long.

Bright fuscias and translucent pinks are combined to make this ring incredibly special. Gold foil flakes are added throughout for the finishing touches of this gorgeous ring. They add extra sparkle that draws the eye in and brings a sense of elegance to this fun statement ring.



Item Specifics:

Hand Colored Mixed Resin
Gold Foil Flakes

Women’s Size 5,6,7,8 and 9
38mm at Widest Point

Don’t hesitate to contact me regarding custom orders. If you don’t see the exact ring you desire, I’d be happy to make it for you. Color matching for special events can also be accommodated.

Due to the unique nature of each handmade ring in my shop, you’ll appreciate that there is nothing else exactly like yours in the world. Order today and your custom ring will be shipped to you in a chunky eco-friendly box for safe travels and safe keeping.

Gem Lettuce Jewellery

Using earth sea wind and fire for inspiration Karen uses resin to create fresh unique jewellery bursting with natural creativity: earthy pieces, some with beautiful flowers and more recently full of gold copper and silver leaf, ocean-inspired pieces swimming with colour and others inspired by fire, powerful pieces led by thoughts of volcanoes and lava.

Karen’s background is as a fashion designer working for commercial brands designing full ranges and constantly staying ahead of new trends, allowing her to create contemporary collections of jewellery.  Her pieces are artistic and vibrant: full of colour, sparkle and a fresh energy.

Having travelled to South America and spent a number of years in Sydney, Australia, Karen has been naturally inspired by the colours and textures around her, in particular the wonders of the ocean.

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