Ebony and Madagascan Rosewood Ring with Stirling Silver Inlays

This listing is for a Bentwood ring made from Macassar Ebony and Madagascan Rosewood, it also features inlays of two Stirling Silver Wires , it will be handcrafted for you with great care, in the ring size and width you prefer.

My processing time for each order placed is 1-3 weeks. I will aim to create and ship your ring within 2 weeks but this does depend on my workload at the time. Please feel free to contact me when placing your order for an up to date estimate.

*Please quote your ring size and width at the checkout*


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——— Why Choose a Wooden Band ———-

These wooden rings make ideal wedding rings, engagement rings, promise rings, anniversary rings or gifts. The wood rings are light, durable, highly water resistant and comfortable.

They are becoming increasingly popular as alternative mens wedding rings, and statement rings.

I offer a variety of widths on all my rings, so whether you are looking or a mens wood ring or a womens ring, these will be a comfortable and stylish choice.

———- The Materials ———-

Macassar Ebony originates from South East Asia it is typically a very difficult to work, but with a rewarding appearance in the end. Macassar Ebony can vary in colour from a dark brown to a reddish brown sometimes with dramatic striping and yellowish tints.

Madagascan rosewood originates as it’s name suggests from Madagascar, the heartwood generally ranges from a light yellow-brown to a darker orange or reddish brown, often with darker streaks through it.

I use 925 grade Stirling Silver Wires for the inlay, All wire inlaid rings will have joins, these may be visible in one place on the ring, however I will minimise them as much as possible.

——— About Bentwood Rings ———-

Bentwood rings are crafted by steaming and bending thin strips of wood around the circumference of the ring, forming a number of layers and bending with the grain this gives the ring a strength that other wooden rings will not benefit from. This process is considerably more time consuming than the processes used to make a conventional wooden ring but offers both a unique look and more hard wearing ring that can be worn on a daily basis.

Pictures are for reference only, all my rings are crafted from natural woods so colours and grain patterns will vary, each ring will be totally unique.

Care Instructions-

I would advise you to look after a Bentwood ring in the same way you would any other valuable possession.

The rings are coated in an extremely durable and water resistant finish but care is still required. If you give your ring the same love care and attention I gave to crafting it, your finish will last much longer and your ring will be well protected.

I would advise you avoid the following whilst wearing your ring –

– Prolonged water contact and submersion e.g. Swimming, Showering, Bathing.

– Exposure to cleaning chemicals e.g. Dish washing.

– Exposure to alcohol hand sanitizes and other harsh cleaning chemicals.

– Use of heavy machinery / tools

– Heavy Lifting


Ring Width

Where I offer ring width options, I will ensure your ring is within 0.5mm of the size you select. e.g. if you order a 6mm ring it will be finished at between 5.5mm and 6.5mm.

Due to the nature of natural woods, this allows me to avoid areas with grain irregularities at the edges of your ring.

Ring Size-

Please give the correct size when ordering your rings. If you make any mistakes contact me as soon as possible.

If you do not know your ring size you can visit a jeweller who will measure you accurately.

If you wish to measure for yourself ring sizers are readily available online, cheap from popular websites.



I am Glen. A 27 year old woodworker from Bournemouth. I craft wooden Wedding rings using the ‘bentwood’ method, to create a strong and waterproof ring that will last for many years. I use various metals and stones as inlays for my rings but work purely with wood for the main bands. I will soon also be offering a range of wooden cufflinks and laser engraving for the insides of my rings.

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