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This article was published in Living Quietly Magazine, August 2019.


Lifelong friends Shaloam, Rachel and Jasmine are among 12,000 handmade entrepreneurs in the UK. They’ve recently announced the launch of their platform Kraft Space – a curated handmade goods marketplace, where UK talent awaits.

It’s no secret that UK shoppers are increasingly choosing high-quality products to be kept for a lifetime, over fast, mass-produced goods that harm the planet. In the last year, ethical spending grew by 3.2% – to a £81.3 billion industry.

Alongside the demand for ethical goods has been a continuing boom in the craft sector, which is no longer just for hipsters and hobbyists. This now well and truly mainstream industry has flourished into a £3 billion business interest.


Vibe earringsElsiem Jewellery


Tiger cushion20 Seventh Letter

Shaloam and Rachel share a passion for creating, with 20 years of experience of running their own graphic design companies in their home city – Brighton – which is considered by many as the UK’s creative capital. All three friends also make and sell their own handmade products. “We thought we’d found our place to sell on an online handmade marketplace, but quickly found that we jostled among other creatives for attention (among 54 million other sellers, no less)”, Shaloam explains. “We also tried generic marketplaces, such as eBay, but our products were placed side-by-side with imports and mass-produced goods. Everywhere, there were intricate fee structures and confusing seller terms”.

5. Wood Octopus - Glenouther Crafts

Octopus wall hangingGlenouther Crafts


Rose bath oilShaloah Skincare

Being creative by nature, Shaloam, Rachel and Jasmine set about creating a platform of ‘wonderfully made’ handmade goods. After 12 months of brainstorming, designing and developing, Kraft Space was born – a marketplace designed for carefully selected high-end art and craft items.“Unlike other marketplaces, Kraft Space strictly selects and approves all its vendors and products”. Rachel says that this is one of the numerous differences of Kraft Space, compared to other marketplaces. “We check the quality of craftsmanship, ethics and originality of every creative who applies”.

ebony ring

Wood ringGM Woodstock

Lampshade - Cloth Eared Hare

Hare lampMogwaii design

As a marketplace of independent designers, makers and small boutique retailers, Kraft Space will support UK craftsmanship, and perhaps finally provide a home for the handmade in the UK.


About Kraft Space

Kraft Space is a curated handmade marketplace selling and showcasing “wonderfully made” creations by UK artists, designers and makers.

For creators, Kraft Space offers unlimited listings; simple fees; no minimum contract; dedicated support as well as marketing. Click here to view Kraft Space’s vendors and for further information on how to apply for a shop.