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Why Shop with us?

  We’re a curated marketplace
This means we only offer you products from sellers who have been
handpicked for their quality in craftsmanship and originality.


  Independent sellers
Buy direct from multiple independent artists
and makers from across the UK.


  The Intricate beauty of the handmade
Be safe in the knowledge that every piece of art or product
on Kraft Space has a story and has been handmade with love.


  Supporting the tradition of skilled craftmanship
We feel that hand-making goods is so important in todays world,
more than ever, as it continues to feed creativity in a world
where production line technology makes it possible to mass
produce and replace skilled craftsmen with machines.


 Secure shopping
Shopping made easy with our secure one
stop shop and one cart check out.


  Supporting British Craft
Connecting you with Britain’s most talented creatives.


  The values we hold dear
When all is said and done, our ethos is pretty simple –
we care about the planet, and it’s people, focusing mainly on ethically
handmade products.


All in all, we want to be THE destination for home-wares, jewellery
and art of unrivalled quality – created for those seeking the unique and the stylish,
the handmade and the irreplaceable – given as gifts or kept and cherished.